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71 beach street
south portland.maine

Meet the Hard-boiled Hens! Tucked in our coop on the coast of Maine, we muscle our way through frigid winters and bucolic summers. It’s not easy being the supermodels of the chicken world, but our steady diet of corn, fettuccine and arugula keeps us Rubenesque and camera-ready. Please enjoy our calendars, postcards, and gift wrap!

hardboiled hens screensavers!

new for June. Never let 'em see you sweat. 

june screen saver digitized.jpg

and...June with no calendar. if you happen to like that better!

june screen saver digitized NO MONTH.jpg


your monthly smile, straight from the coop!

we just love it when Spring FINALLY gets here!



to download a hard-boiled hens screensaver to brighten up your computer screen for the month!

(and we left a little room so all those pesky icons can still fit on your computer screen...)