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71 beach street
south portland.maine

Meet the Hard-boiled Hens! Tucked in our coop on the coast of Maine, we muscle our way through frigid winters and bucolic summers. It’s not easy being the supermodels of the chicken world, but our steady diet of corn, fettuccine and arugula keeps us Rubenesque and camera-ready. Please enjoy our calendars, postcards, and gift wrap!


welcome to the coop. we've missed you!

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it's not easy living with movie star chickens...the red carpet gets dirty pretty fast.

our calendar girls are photographed on The Ponderosa (also known as our backyard) right here in maine.  the winters are long; there isn't much else to do. sitting in front of a computer screen (with the heat on) helps to pass the time. so, while we continue to re-invent ourselves (never to be boring or predictable) we thought we'd spread a little hardboiled hens love with our new screensaver. let us know what you think!

"I love, I love, I love my calendar girls.  Yeah, sweet calendar girls."  - Neil Sedaka